Charles Roff can be commissioned to photograph portraits, nudes and landscapes. Charlie will accept commissions based on their challenge and intended conclusion. Projects which entail a unique final piece of art are preferred.

For enquiries or further information call +44 (0)1736 332229 or email

Whether it’s the Cornish landscape - which he has been photographing for over forty years - or the naked body, the key to Charlie Roff’s work has always been spontaneity. Everything feels as if it’s done on the move. There is nothing set up, nothing overtly stylised about his photography.

In his non-commissioned work in particular, Charlie has the ability to catch the moment as it passes - and yet once caught it is often hard to believe the image was not pre-arranged. There are many examples of these ‘caught’ images scattered throughout his work. ‘Mantelpiece’ is one of the more famous. Who would credit that it was not posed? This is not to say Roff’s photographs are hit and miss. Like any good artist, he is constantly pre-visualising the world in terms of his pictures. He seems to always be aware of the foreground/background relationships; in awe of what he sees around him, fascinated by light and shade.

But Charlie’s not precious about his work and he has a great, undying enthusiasm for life which spills over into all he does. It’s this confidence that gives his photographs an edge. But it was only by coincidence that photography became his preferred form of expression. It suited his life style, always wanting to move fast, to record things on the run. If you are born in the Highlands of Scotland on New Year’s Day, brought up by the Zambezi River, move to Iran, study photography and film in England, drive a truck through the Sinai desert and fall in love with Cornwall, what else can life have been but a journey? Between running a successful photography publishing company, working for the National Trust, doing charity exhibitions for War Child and helping to make a BBC documentary in Bosnia, Roff has continued to roam the plant taking photographs of sexy girls.

Tom Stoppard praised and bought his pictures, other photographers collect his work and wonder why he is not commissioned in their place - only perhaps that he does not socialise or present himself as a commercial photographer. Many aspiring or so-called photographers envy him for that very reason, because he really does do it like a natural thing.

There is nothing coy about his images, there is no pretence that he is showing us something other than he and most other men desire. And if he is a voyeur it is only as a witness to the pleasure women take in their sensuality. The women themselves are participating in the creation of the photographs, they are as at ease in front of his lens as in front of their lovers, and in Charlie’s case this is often one and the same. Roff’s work is a secular hymn to pleasure.

- Foreword for Erotic Journey by Brian Patten, 9th February 2001